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Flexible & affordable leasing solutions for businesses across the UK | Premium devices | Large stock | Monthly rolling available | Transparent: End-of-lease options from the start.

Leasing Solutions

New Way International Ltd has partnered with the market leader for financial solutions to provide you the Leasing Solution that is the most transparent, flexible, and user-friendly in the leasing market today. - Our Leasing Solution provides Customers with guaranteed end of lease options from the beginning. - Offering flexibility and peace of mind for the future. - Online leasing tool makes it quick and easy to use.

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Making smarter use of the most up-to-date technologies has never been more important. Having a more effective IT structure can give your business a competitive edge. With the Leasing Solution, you can take control of your budget constraints and competing priorities with a more streamlined approach. Why pay for outdated technology when our sustainable subscription model gives you direct access to the latest IT developments? Source the right technology today and become greener and more adaptable for the changes coming tomorrow. Simplify your IT management with New Way International Ltd’s Leasing Solutions. You can lease one or multiple devices for your business, long term, or short term. We have a large stock of premium brands. This means there is always an offer for you.

Leasing for growth

Leasing is an alternative option to cash when it comes to growing a business that’s investing in new technology. It can also be a very economical solution to acquire the assets you need to grow; we will make our facilities very quick and simple to access.” You may be looking to upgrade your company’s software or update essential equipment and machinery, either way, a lease agreement can make it easy to access the assets that you require that might not be an option within your current budget. If you have limited capital to invest, that does not mean you have to delay implementation, with leasing you can agree monthly or quarterly repayments that match your own cash flow, meaning your budget can achieve much more. Leasing finance can offer you many benefits from the very latest equipment to flexible options that can incorporate support and maintenance services. Such benefits can give your business the competitive edge, whilst preserving your own capital. New Way International Ltd is here to support the growth of your business, with finance solutions designed to suit your needs.

Subscription service

New Way International Ltd, one of the UK’s leading distributor of electronics devices, now offer a flexible and sustainable subscription model in partnership with market leader for financial solutions.

This allows you to take control of your budget constraints and competing priorities with a more streamlined approach. Why pay for obsolete IT when sustainable subscription allows you to keep your technology completely up-to-date!

The benefits:

- Significant savings compared to cash purchase
- 100% tax deductible
- Flexibility during the term
- No technology obsolescence
- Reduced total cost of ownership
- Lifecycle management
- Ability to pay over time
- No upfront cost
- Maintains credit lines
- Operating expense not capital expense

Pay less for your tech.

With a single advance subscription, you can now pay considerably less than the purchase price of new technology equipment. We call it Flex-Pay.

Flex-Pay is the latest technology procurement model with a single advance subscription that is considerably less than the purchase price, organisations can retain full usage of the equipment for one, two or three years.

Stay flexible – Subscribe.

The best technology, today
You never have to wait to have the best technology, regardless of budget.

Maximum value
Save up to 30% on total cost of ownership of hardware and software solutions.

Rapid deployment
Implementations are faster and ultimately more effective. This allows for more consistent solutions and frequent technology refreshes.

Single contract
You will have all of your technology under one agreement – from mobile phones and printers to laptops and IT infrastructure.

Services are included
High-quality implementation, proactive services, maintenance, training, other variables costs are part of the contract.

OPEX or CAPEX for your IT spend?
In the past IT investment has been a one-off capital expenditure followed by a period of 3-5 years usage, where the asset value is written off in the company accounts, But many users are switching to an operational expenditure model (OPEX).

Traditionally, if an organisation wanted to invest in IT equipment, such as new laptops or PCs, they would simply purchase it as a capital expenditure (CAPEX).

CAPEX shows up on the balance sheet and depreciates in value over its lifetime, according to depreciation schedules. This creates a barrier for organisations with tight budgets that need to take advantage of new technology quickly.

Using an OPEX creates the ability to spread payments over a longer period and use available cash more effectively.

Additionally, this model can also include the costs of related services in areas such as repairs, upgrades and environmentally-friendly disposal of the technology at its end of life. This provides a total cost certainty and can actually save money in the long run – not only that, we will help you realise any residual value that the obsolete technology may have.

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In business, making smarter use of the most up-to-date technologies has never been more important. Having a more effective IT structure can give your business a competitive edge.
With Flexscription you can take control of your budget constraints and competing priorities with a more streamlined approach. Why pay for outdated technology when our sustainable subscription model gives you direct access to the latest IT developments? Source the right technology today and instantly become greener and more adaptable for the changes coming tomorrow.

Why Lease with New Way International Ltd?

  • Correct equipment immediately available – with no capital outlay: When purchasing equipment using cash, you may find yourself compromising the solution as a result of a restricted budget. Leasing lets you invest in what your business really needs and helps improve the purchasing power of your annual budget.
  • Future upgrade ability: Helps ensure you have access to the latest technology, keeping your technology estate up to date and cost effective.
  • Allows capital to be used more profitably: Leasing is a very sensible way to fund investments that don’t generate direct revenue such as, photocopiers, IT equipment, servers, vending machines, etc. By using leasing your cash reserves can be put to more effective use to expand your operations or spent on other strategic activity.
  • Term to reflect the useful life of asset: Assets only have a certain working life and leasing helps spread the cost of use over a term to suit both you and the working life of the asset.
  • Fixed rate and fixed costs: The same regular payment, avoids unnecessary surprises and helps you effectively manage budgets.
  • Preserve existing credit facilities: Keeping your cash reserves free, for when you need it so that they can be invested on strategic activity to aid in new revenue.
  • Intangibles may be included: Our leasing solutions can cover both the cost of the assets, plus any deployment, installation and consultation fee’s, as well as ongoing service arrangements, all within your regular rental payment.
  • Rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits: The total cost of your purchase, capital and interest can be offset during the lease period, with your payments deducted as a trading expense.



Get more from your subscription.

Managing, caring for and returning your technology assets


Getting the best value from Flexscription

By ensuring your equipment stays in the best possible condition you can not only get better value from your subscription, but you will also become part of the circular economy.


A greener model

Returned equipment will be refurbished for 2nd life usage. If this is not possible the equipment will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This is why it is very important that equipment is well maintained and returned in good condition.


Cost implications

Over the subscription period equipment will of course be subject to normal wear and tear, this is only natural and will not incur any extra cost when the equipment is returned. However, there will be costs attached to damaged and poorly maintained items. There will also be some responsibilities associated with equipment returns.


What you can finance with leasing?

We can offer leasing solutions in a variety of market sectors including:

Communications: Telecoms, including AV equipment and smartphones
Print Hardware: Multifunction printers, photocopiers and more.
IT Hardware: Laptops, servers, and tablets
Security: Cameras, alarms, and entry systems
Vending Machines: Drink, snack, and coffee machines
Software: Cloud solutions for single or multi-seat user
Service Charges: e.g. maintenance, consultancy, and training.

This is a selection of sectors we specialise in, if you cannot see what you are looking for then please contact us.

What are the benefits of Flexscription and its key features?

• Customers are fully aware of their end of lease options at the beginning of the lease.

• Provides full transparency enabling the customer to budget and plan for the future.

• Resellers will be advised of the Customers end of lease decision to encourage further investment opportunities and refresh their technologies.

• Ensures fair pricing should the customer decide to retain the equipment.

• End of Lease options are guaranteed, pricing is not influenced by supply and demand factors.

Is there a minimum/maximum value?

Minimum value is £1,000 + Vat, there is no maximum.

Is there a maximum or minimum term?

Minimum Term 12 months (1 year)

Maximum Term 36 months (3 years)

What happens at the end of the term?
  1. Once the term has finished there are several options:
    • The option of simply handing the equipment back
    • The option to roll into a secondary period
    • The option to add an extra 12 month period (with the benefits of full ownership after the 12 month extension).

Unlike traditional finance arrangements all these costs are guaranteed at the beginning, before any payment is made.

What types of equipment can be included, can this include second user or refurbished equipment?

Flexscription is only for New equipment in the IT /Tablet and Mobile markets.

Refurbished equipment can be included along with New equipment however no residual value will be applied. The term of the subscription lease maybe restricted to a maximum term.

What happens at the end of the term?

We will contact you at 60 days, 45 days and 35 days ahead of the initial agreement term approaching maturity. A choice of options will be clearly outlined. The customer can then select their chosen option via the Asset Management Portal.

What are the Flexscription options?

There are 5 options available

• Hand the equipment back.
• Roll into a Secondary Period at the regular monthly/quarterly payment without time constraints.
• Opt for a 12 month extension period at reduced rate and then retain use of the equipment indefinitely
• Opt for a 24 month extension period at further reduced rate and then retain use of the equipment indefinitely.
• Pay one off “Full Extension Fee” at the end of the primary period to retain use of the equipment indefinitely.

Are standard credit terms applied?


What is ‘Fair Market Value’ (FMV)?

Fair Market Value is the future price given to equipment for the second user market, this will fluctuate due to supply and demand.

Can Flexscription agreements be upgraded?

Yes – if the equipment is to be retained the one off Full Extension Fee will be included into the Upgrade Cost.