Extended Warranty

"Extend the lifespan of your device, extend your peace of mind."

NWIL + warranty: Longevity and Reliability.

NWIL Plus: Extended Warranty

- Enhance your device's manufacturer warranty.
- Our streamlined procedure and prompt service ensure uninterrupted connectivity.
- Comprehensive coverage encompasses labor, parts, and transportation expenses or service calls.
- We support all leading manufacturers.

"Extend the lifespan of your device, extend your peace of mind."

Have peace of mind against device breakdown with New Way International Ltd's Extended Warranty over your manufacturer's standard warranty.

With NWIL Plus: Extended Warranty receive additional level of services for Mobile Devices.

NWIL + warranty: Longevity and Reliability

We offer an Extended Warranty for 3 to 5 years, whether it’s a new mobile device or a refurbished device; we’ve got you covered. With our extended protection, you can confidently navigate the ever-evolving tech world, knowing that your investment is secure and supported by our commitment to excellence.

And not only do you benefit from full brand warranties, but N W I’s warranty on top.